A Sherlock Adventure

For the fan of Sherlock Holmes and the BBC Series Sherlock, I would say that is must to visit both 221B Baker Street while in London and to make it over to N. Gower Street and grab a quick bite at Speedy’s Café. Of course, as you may know,  they film the BBC show Sherlock in front Café and you should try the Sherlock breakfast as it comes with salmon.

I would recommend getting the back table  at the end of the cafe if it is open, as you may find through a simple google search, photos of cast as they sat at the back table.  Overall the prices at Speedy’s are pretty reasonable the food is delicious.  I’m surprised that no one had recommended this experience and for me it was out of sheer curiosity to find the restaurant and of course the door that has become the surrogate 221B Baker street for Sherlock Holmes.

It is about 20 minutes between 221B Baker Street and Speedy’s Café via the underground and a small walk.  I would recommend going for breakfast and they have seating inside and outside, but it is not a very large place… . In fact it is a typically small café.

There are other items on the menu even at breakfast that are not typically breakfast items.  My son got the roast chicken and found it very tasty.

My Daughter got the Chicken Escalope Pizzaiola and according to her it was very good.

My wife had the Mushroom omelette which is a vegetarian item.  I tried her mushroom omelette as well and it was fantastic.

Again everything was amazing at Speedy’s.  You can after breakfast mosey on over to the 221B Baker street and check out the Sherlock Holmes Museum and tour.  The also have a store where you can buy a Sherlock Holmes cap, actually known as a deerstalker, or a John Watson bowlers hat.

It is also a great place to take a photo memory.  I wanted to make sure the kids had an opportunity to get this memory.

And of course the have grown up a bit.

If you want a peek at the menu at Speedy’s here it is: