The Breakfast Club

This Breakfast Club is not a John Hughes movie.  It is a nice place to grab breakfast.  I probably should not say grab since it is a nice sit down restaurant with a courteous and friendly staff. You can get to it via the London Bridge station and it is very  close to the Borough Market.  I would say with certainty it is a great place to fill up and start your day.  I really enjoyed the pancakes.  I was so full that I did not have to eat until a late lunch and that turned out to be 5 and a half  hours later.

…And of course I had the salmon as well so that probably helped to appease any hunger for the hours to come.

We were really keen on doing a lot in the morning and with the energy we were going to expend walking everywhere this place really did the trick. It is really quite inconspicuous in terms of the entrance so you will have to look carefully.