Keventer’s “Thick” Milkshakes in Bangalore

I really like these Keventers thick milkshakes.  This one was in Indiranagar Bangalore. They are a bit pricey, but I guess since you get to keep the bottles it is probably worth it.  The only thing is how many bottle do you really need?

I ended up using the bottles for storing the milk I get every morning here in India.  The bottles on their own look really cool, but the strawberry fields shake was clearly a winner in terms of its subtle mix of flavors.

A list of thick shakes available (got the Chocolate Oreo and the Strawberry Fields):

With taxes added to the price listed you can see how these are expensive.

I went to another one today, for my second trip to a Keventers, on 80 feet Road near Ramaiah College Hospital and I found a few things that I did not pay attention to the first time . One that the thick shake is not all that thick.  It tastes great it just isn’t that thick.  This time I got the Chocolate Hzelnut:

And I walked a little distance before drinking it and it seems to have settled quite a bit:

This is of course the un-opened drink…..

Well I guess you can be the judge if you experience it yourself when trying a “thick” milshake… this is just some food for thought.