Hyde Park London

I love my walks and I love a walk in the park… not figuratively, but literally.   Hyde Park is one of those parks that is vast enough that you can spend a good part of the day there.

There are many wide open paths to take:

Walking along the the Serpentine lake:

You can also lounge a bit and relax:


It is easy to rent a deck chair:


There are also many great spots to take pic:


You can also grab a bite to eat and have a drink for lunch:


or you can feed the swans and the ducks… that is such a park thing to do 🙂

and of course the you can go for a peddle boat:

The prices are pretty reasonable:

Hyde park is a really peaceful place to spend your day:

My son enjoying a soft serve ice cream:

and I a refreshing San Pellegrino:

There area few good spots in the park where you can get a quick treat:

There are lots of spots to find in the park.  My son and I were playing Pokemon go and we found many Poke-stops like this one.  Someone had put a lure at this one:

At the end of the day you can grab a sandwich and a cider at the Lodge Cafe near the green park station, but the cafe is inside Hyde Park: